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Privacy Policy


This Privacy (“Policy”) applies to the securing and processing of personal data by Holiday Treasure India Pvt Ltd, Andaman (hereinafter “HTINDIA” in connection with personal data provided by any person (“User”) who has purchased or intends to purchase or inquiries about any product(s) or service(s) made by HTINDIA through any of HTINDIA‟S interface channels including website, mobile site and mobile app (collectively referred herein as “Sales Channels”).

For the purpose of Privacy Policy:

  • References in this policy to “you” or “your” are references to „User‟
  • References to “we”, “us” or “our” are references to „HTINDIA‟
  • When you take part in surveys or provide us with feedback
  • References to “website” mean a reference to „website(s)‟, „mobile site(s)‟ and mobile app(s)


We will only process (i.e. use) your personal data when the law allows us to, that is, when we have a legal basis for processing. We generally use the information to establish and enhance our relationship with our users for the following purposes:

While you make a booking:

We may use your Personal Information available with us to ease your booking process. This information may include all the data provided by you earlier i.e. contact data. We may also use the information of travellers list as available in or linked with your account. This information is presented to the User at the time of making a booking to enable you to complete your bookings expeditiously.

We may also use your Personal Information for several reasons including but not limited to: Where it is necessary to process your booking, enquiry or participation. To fulfil the service offering and/or to make booking, reservation, blocking and any such activity initiated by user. We may share personal data with companies who provide services such as information processing, extending credit, fulfilling customer orders, delivering products to you, managing and enhancing customer data, providing customer service, assessing your interest in our products and services, and conducting customer research or satisfaction surveys. These companies are obligated to protect your information.

We may use your personal information for Marketing Promotions, Research and other programs


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