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Makruzz Ferry

With beautiful scenery and fascinating sea, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are like paradise on earth as they have beautiful beaches and scenery. This beautiful place attracts lots of tourists from around the world. There can’t be anyone higher than the Makruzz ferry in Andaman once it involves selecting the proper travel partner within the Islands.


Only Makruzz in Andaman, the inexperienced ocean, is operational straight away. ITT Majestic isn’t functioning for any routes


  1. Nautika, one of the new arrivals on the ferry list, is the fastest ferry.
  2. ITT Majestic is one of the best, with a good quality of speed which has destinations from Havelock Island to Port Blair and Neil Island.
  3. Green Ocean is said to be the high-quality, highest-speed ferry. It has a destination to connect to, like Port Blair, Havelock Island, and Neil.
  4. Makruzz is the most popular of all. It has the best premium features with the best interiors.

Makruzz meaning

Makruzz, established in 2009, is made for travelling and tourism. It is celebrating its many years of experience. The main reason for this new intervention is to make travelling easy and the best experience for the travellers, such as to places like Havelock Island, Port Blair, etc.


Makruzz ferry makes travelling easy and is affordable for the tourist; due to this, the ferry there makes lots of profit. The ferry is an economic incentive to the travelling industries in Andaman.

Why is Makruzz famous in Andaman?

Makruzz is wherever your wizard Andaman expertise begins. Being within the field of transportation for over a decade, we at Andaman Makruzz perceive all of your travel wants and, therefore, supply seamless property and beautiful services. Ever since our genesis, we’ve never frustrated someone on board. Get on board and start to motor your Andaman journey with the U.S. we tend to check that you have a bag choked with beatific reminiscences after you head back home. 


Features of Makruzz

  1. 280 in three different categories
  2. Makruzz Andaman ferry is air-conditioned
  3. Onboard eating house and snacks
  4. 20 Hd Tv screens to keep you diverted throughout your journey
  5. Glass windows for Associate in Nursing patent read of the ocean
  6. The Makruzz ferry Cruises at concerning thirty-five Knots and covers the gap to the cloth covering in ninety minutes
  7. Latest Navigation technology and instrumentation
  8. State-of-the-art hearth protection system
  9. Safety instrumentation and life jackets for all
  10. Cctv police investigation of all deck and engine areas of the ferry

 Makruzz ferry rules in Andaman

  1. Participate in the observation of the protection demonstration video before departure
  2. All areas on ships, as well as bathrooms, have smoke detectors (no smoking is allowed on the boat)
  3. Do not come into the open space and stay among the deck
  4. Be careful concerning hazards and objects on the ship deck, especially if you’re travelling with kids.
  5. The ship is about to handle any variety of emergencies and has applicable instrumentation on board.
  6. All the seats and instrumentation of the ship are incombustible.

Places for the ferry in the Andaman Islands

1. Port Blair

Port Blair and Havelock Island in Andaman Island are the most popular for their beautiful beaches and scenery. The island has attracted a large number of tourists from all around the world. Havelock to port Blair ferry timings


The ferry in these islands provides private boats to travel. The ferry service here is very good; they provide a relaxing environment for the tourists. The ferry detonated from Port Blair to Havelock Island.


  • The people travelling here should book the tickets in the morning.
  • Ferry Harbor concerns 3-5 metric linear units from the airdrome.
  • Ferry Route possibility in Andamans and most well-liked tourer Circuit
  • Port Blair to the cloth covering and return port To material covering and transfer to Port Via Neil route from material covering. Makruzz ferry price is Rs 8150 for Andaman to havelock ferry price.  

2. Elephanta Beach 

Makruzz Havelock Elephant Beach in Andaman Island is a famous beach. Many tourists visit this place to enjoy its beauty. The beaches here make a calm and pleasant environment for the visitors. On this beach, many water activities are done, such as sea walking, snorkelling, diving, etc. The ferry here has high-speed boats for riding, which the tourists enjoy. The speed boats are private to the tourists on Elephanta beach daily.

Destination for Makruzz ferry Andaman

  1. Makruzz ferry Port Blair to the cloth covering Island ferries to Havelock Island.
  2. It covers the destination from Havelock Island to Neil Island ferries on a non-public boat.
  3. Destination from Neil Island to Port Blair ferries on a non-public boat.
  4. It covers from Havelock Island to Port Blair ferries. Havelock island to port Blair ferry timings starts from 10 am.
  5. Destination from Port Blair to Neil Island ferries on non-public boats.

Makruzz Online Booking

Since Andamans could be a cluster of islands, to succeed in most tourist places, you may have to be compelled to book a ferry or boat that at the sole viable suggests that of transport. These are scheduled with limited handiness and capability, particularly throughout the season. Makruzz ferry booking online is made by applying on the online website.

Therefore, booking your ferry and boat tickets before is necessary, so you do not have to pay for hotel cancellation and rescheduling.  

Tropical Andaman Tours could be a registered booker of Makruzz, and we give an advance online ferry Andaman booking for Makruzz in Port Blair to the cloth covering to Neil island and Neil Island to Port Blair sectors.

Makruzz ferry timings are:

Sector STD(hrs) STA(hrs)


  1. PB-HL. 08:00-10:30
  2. HL-NL. 11:00- 12:15
  3. NL-PB. 12:45-13:39
  4. PB-HL. 14:00- 15:30
  5. HL-PB. 16:00- 17:30

Timing And Fares

Port Blair to Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep):


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Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) to Port Blair :


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Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) to Neil (Shaheed Dweep) :


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Neil (Shaheed Dweep) to Port Blair:


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  • Andaman to havelock ferry price   Rs. 8,150
  • Islands Hop                                   Rs.12,150
  • Andaman Delight Trip                          Rs. 14,816
  • Touch Upon Havelock                     Rs. 19,750
  • The Beach Vacation                     Rs. 21,450

Makruzz ferry is the best ferry in Andaman and provides the best facilities.


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