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She also states that the governmental system appears to provide the users with a low level of protection as the laws fail to protect online crime and be as useful as in real life. Andrews also specifies that data aggregators seize information, thus portraying an image of the user which is taken out of the context and is not necessarily plausible. It affects users` further interaction with others, career development, and other pivotally important aspects . Interestingly, I have never pondered on the probability of information being stolen.

Advancement of technology has affected all sectors in the economy including the insurance industry. The process of placing an order is a crucial issue in online business like Hiscox. Hiscox website process of placing an order is well thought, starting from design to functionality.

Although this might seem strange, homeschooling can really relieve some of the stress on parents. Noteworthy, it is correct that homeschooling calls for parents to stay at home with their children and concentrate on their learning, which might take a lot of time . However, this phenomenon decreases the needless pressure placed on parents to help with assignments with tight deadlines, exams, homework, and required extracurricular activities .

Our expert’s notes are NOT intended to be forwarded as finalized projects, as it is only strictly meant to be used for research and study purposes. Very impressed with the turn around time and the attention to detail needed for the assignment. However, it decreases the needless pressure placed on parents to help with assignments with tight deadlines. Homeschooling eliminates pointless rivalry among students.

That is, the learner’s spiritual beliefs should be accommodated and respected so their focus on learning is not negated. In order to write a good synthesis essay, you need to follow the proper format and procedure. People should feel the highest level of protection ensured by the government. If it initiates the extensive mass surveillance, people feel like being invaded. Such actions seem to discredit the governmental structure and raise people`s indignation.

It is not a feasible option for the vast majority of people. Andrews`s article is written in a more helpless and pessimistic tone which is closer to my personal perception of the problem. Careful examination of the internet sources has supported my claim about the inefficiency and unconstitutionality of this monitoring. Lori Andrews in the article “George Orwell…Meet Mark Zuckerberg” gained an insight into the vulnerability of information. She assumes that any information that she inserts in her PC has a high probability to be stolen. She cannot even know or predict it as it is always done invisibly.

Analyzing and organizing sources is the first and very important step for the synthesis essay. So make sure you do understand what the text means before using it as a reference. For that, you break down a problem into parts and analyze the sources. It’s helpful to highlight everything regarding your topic while reading. To write it, you need to understand, analyze, and synthesize information.

Also, you must indicate the differences or similarities with the sources you are using in an informative manner. But there are some key issues that leaders should consider when making policies to solve global arming; the practicality and morality of the policies. In modern society, global warming is one of the most serious problems causing unrest all over the world. Thus, countermeasures to cope with the aggravating global warming are urgent questions in the present day.

It can also include an interpretation or an argument that is supported by visual evidence. A summary is a paraphrasing of the written source in your own words. For a good summary, it’s necessary to include all of the text’s key elements. Meanwhile, synthesis means combining different ideas from different sources. You don’t have to include all the key points; just choose everything related to your topic.

However, the awareness strategies should focus on the challenges they face in their environment. Specifically, there is a need to assess age-based challenges young adults face. Some of the young boys and girls we interact are suffering, not knowing that behind the challenges there is power and will to fight and win against drug abuse.

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